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   Thursday, March 16th, 2006
I have posted a new Creasor Family Tree based on the GEDCOM file I generated for this website back in 2001.  This family tree is a quick solution due to popular demand and is by no means my final solution.  See below for more detail.
   Thursday, March 16th, 2006
The data on these page is outdated as the last time I worked on them was over eight years ago when I first met my ex-wife whom happens to be an avid genealogist.  I have received many corrections, additions and verifications in the last few years.  I plan to sit down and go through them in the near future, time permitting.   Meanwhile, I believe the bulk of this information to be accurate.
I would like to thank the many people whom helped me with my genealogy project eight years and those of you whom have been in corespondance with me over the last eight years.  I know my original GEDCOM file that I posted on a genealogy forum many years ago was downloaded and used as a reference point by many others.  The one posted here is a more up-to-date and accurate version.
I now understand why most of the people I have dealt with doing their own genealogy are retired.  The amount of work involved requires a large time commitment.  I had the time eight years ago but have been finding it harder and harder to find time for my many hobbies and personal life these days.
The family tree was quickly generated using an evaluation copy of a third party software called Legacy.   I have been meaning to create my own interface and started to do so many years ago.  Due to popular demand and time restrictions, I decided to run what I believe to be my most up-to-date GEDCOM file through a GEDCOM HTML generator.   Since the version of Family Tree Maker I have (the software I originally used to create my family tree) was too old and did not have a web generator of any kind, I was forced to find another solution on a tight budget.  I downloaded Legacy off TUCOWS and tried it.  It seems to have done a half decent job.  I also attempted to generate a more visual flash based “family tree” using another evaluation version of another package.   However, I found many of the family links were broken thus a more visual version of this family tree will have to await my time devotion to generate my own version.
The starting point of the family tree so happens to be my great-great grandfather, George Creasor as he was the starting point for my project eight years ago.  Five years ago when I exported the GEDCOM file this data is based on, I filtered out many of the dates for people still living (or at least that were still living eight years ago) and replaced them with “private” in order to protect the privacy of those individuals.  If memory serves me correctly, I also filtered out many of my own notations.
   Friday, May 4th, 2001
I have created a new GEDCOM Conversion Utility for modifying GEDCOM files.  The utility gives you the option to strip out unwanted or restricted information from a standard GEDCOM such as notes, file references, or birth/death/marriage dates of living persons.  Click here to download the file.